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  • Are Lighted Spearing Decoys Legal?
    YES! This is commonly misinterpreted, but the Minnesota Regulation states "You can use lighted decoy fish, but any battery in the lighted decoy must not contain mercury". 100% LEGAL! Other states legal, include but not limited to Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
  • Will LED lights attract fish?
    Fish are in fact attracted to lighted objects! It's uncertain of whether fish can perceive certain colors. Although multiple studies conducted have shown that the large majority of fresh water fish react more to colors near the infrared color spectrum. Our spearing decoys contain LED’s that emit light around 700nm. This wavelength is in the infrared spectrum and at the far end of the visible light spectrum.
  • How long will the batteries last in the LED Decoy?
    The lithium ion batteries in conjunction with our Polar Latch technology will allow the LED’s to be lit for approximately 250 hours. After that, we at IC Outdoors deem the light level below what we would use for the best results, but it will still glow dim for long after. If you think this isn’t that long of a battery life, 250 hours is just over a full month of spearing for 8 hours a day. This will last most spear fisherman multiple seasons.
  • How can I buy a lighted spearing decoy?
    Decoys available at: Fred's Bait & Tackle, River Rat, Winnie Trading Post (Deer River, MN Area)