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Every lighted spearing decoy is hand crafted and tested to ensure a perfect product every time. It’s made from an epoxy harder than a hard helmet. This encapsulates a custom LED circuit to light up the decoy for a look that will bring in fish from much farther than a tradition decoy. The lights increase visibility in low light times of the day and murky water. It features a brand new Polar Latch Technology used to activate the lights with the swipe a magnet. The new technology extends the life of the lithium ion batteries and creates a durable yet elegant design from having no switches on the outside of the decoy body. This will be your new “go to” decoy for every possible spearing condition.

Weight 1 kg


Battery Life:    250 Hours (see FAQ for more information)

Swim Arc:        Medium

Weight:           6.4 Ounces

LED Color:      Red